A brief history of Ecopioneer

After 16 months of work developing the Gen 2 solar powered air-conditioned tent (a 6X9 tent with a DC direct system hooked up to a swamp cooler and reflective cover to reflect thermal heat) Ecopioneer's Alpha tent made it's first debut at the clearwater festival in NY.

I was also fortunate enough to spend a working vacation trip with my family to Baja in support of the baja travesia adventure race where we got to man the kayaking transfer station, dig for clams and field test the solar tracker.

The wind is amazingly consistent or present at beaches which is the only reason I prefer to do my field research and testing in such a harsh environment :-) So from those early days of field research and testing ecopioneer moved into the ALPHA TENT phase where the thin film light weight solar platforms moved into integration with a 20X40 western shelter disaster response tent that was donated by Brookstone after it was damaged in a fire storm. this video captures the early days of ecopioneer and the ALPHA TENT.


Alot has happened since 2007, what I call the "GREEN WAVE" swept across America that summer. I have traveled with and developed the ALPHA KIT to include a military repurposing platform around the "beast" and it's trailer.

UPCYCLING this gear has been more than I bargained for! But I have seen how the environment can bring together people like the military and peace advocates onto common ground they would never share in any other way, and I know it is the right thing to do.

I have a growing understanding of how badly people, and now companies, want to make change happen, and even so how difficult it truely is. I endeavor to do my part in the process, working as a "GREEN DESIGNER" with companies to help develop their products for real world (or at least an ECOPIONEER'S WORLD) market application.

The struggle to change is a personnel journey, but the people you touch along the way can help you and are changed by it as well. So all I have to say to you who are reading this is, stick with it, share it, collaborate as much as you can, put fear on the sideline and move forward, and start LOOKING FORWARD TO THE FUTURE.